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Did you know that an embedded video increases CTR by 55%

How to embed a YouTube video in an email [free tool]

1. Input a link to your YouTube video:

2. Get a screenshot:

3. Download it:

4. Hit "Insert Photo" in your email service:

Insert photo in Gmail

5. Upload" the downloaded image:

6. Attach your YouTube video link to your YouTube screenshot:

7. Boost your CTR by 55%, shares by 41% [research]

Bonus #1 - the same 7-step algorithm as a one-URL API:

Bonus #2 - the same 7-step algorithm as a piece of HTML code

<a href="">
<img src=""/>

Bonus #3. Want more growth hacking ideas?

Bonus #4:

Video in email can help you win opens, click-throughs and conversions